1. How do I add another child?

    Go to My Child section to add another child

  1. I have added my child. What do I do next?

    Log out and have your child login and start the program

  2. How do I manage and track my child’s performance?

    In My Child page, select the Child that you have added. The Performance link takes you to your child’s performance page.

  3. How do I upgrade from the trial version to the premium version?

    In My Child page, select the Child that you have added and click on Upgrade

Long term success in career requires skills beyond academic achievements – Problem Solving, Effective Decision Making, Creativity and Communication. These skills are based on a person’s cognitive aptitude comprising of ‘QVIC’
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Inference
  • Creative Thinking
Competitive entrance exams use aptitude as a surrogate to determine career success potential.

Fundamentor helps to measure and develop these skills through a structured learning program.

New topics are uncovered every day and each topic is administered twice. The program is adaptive which means that the difficulty level of the questions adjusts as per each child’s ability
Area Topic Skill
Creative Thinking Strain the Brain Problem solving in unfamiliar situations
Creative Thinking Figure it Spatial reasoning
Creative Thinking Thinking Hat Lateral thinking
Creative Thinking Route-lette Directions and routes; Route planning
Creative Thinking What's in, what's out? Understanding / Seeing patterns in information
Creative Thinking Crystal Gaze Visual reasoning
Inference Statistical delight Statistical thinking
Inference Did-u-c Methodological thinking
Inference Money Money Money Commercial and practical applications of math
Inference Big Data Understanding Visual data representation
Inference Science of Induction Effective decision making
Inference Datadequacy Data Sufficiency (Monitoring & Reflecting) skill
Inference E-value-ate Judgement & Evaluation
Quantitative Reasoning Race Against Time Estimation of speed, time and work
Quantitative Reasoning Mathemagic Ease with numbers, quick mental calculations, working on calendars and dates mentally
Quantitative Reasoning Ratio Proportionism Comparative math; (estimating bigger / lesser / more etc.)
Quantitative Reasoning Made to Measure Shape and Size estimation
Quantitative Reasoning Number Game Basic Numeracy and basic math operations
Quantitative Reasoning Divide and Remain Applying basic numeracy in word problems
Quantitative Reasoning Who are you Mr. X? Formulating skills in numeracy
Verbal Reasoning Whats the right word? Vocabulary
Verbal Reasoning Gram-markit Grammar
Verbal Reasoning Whose line is it anyway? Synthesizing verbal information
Verbal Reasoning Logical conclusion Verbal reasoning
Verbal Reasoning Analyze this Contextual reasoning
Verbal Reasoning The word is not enough English usage
Verbal Reasoning Passage to Comprehension Grasping relevant information against irrelevant information

Your child does 3 quizzes on new topics every day, watches concept videos and plays mini-games. Badges and points are awarded.

Watch Fundamentor how-to video.

Here are a few tips to help your child succeed with Fundamentor
  1. Monitor your child’s progress.

    Use the performance page and emails to regularly monitor your child’s performance

  2. Celebrate successes

    Congratulate your child whenever he or she earns badges

  3. Engage your child’s peers and social groups.

    Encourage your child to earn more points and badges compared to the peer group. Children learn faster when there is a social engagement and competition.

  4. Upgrade to premium version for full benefits

    The premium version has an unparalleled access to

    • 168 topics covered
    • 4 QVICs administered
    • Chance to earn 160,000 points.

    The premium version of the product also has an in-built redemption feature. The feature allows students to redeem the points that they earn against attractive gifts. For suggestions on appropriate gifts which may encourage them to complete the program, please write to us at suggestions@fundamentor.com

Following performance metrics are available
  1. QVIC Aptitude score
  2. Daily progressive score
  3. Weekly average score
  4. Badges earned
  5. Leaderboard position
  6. Percentile score by topic
Points and badges are calculated as -
  1. A topic is repeated after 4 login days. There are 3 tests available on any login day and a total of 6 tests available over the 2 login days. The top 2 scores on any topic are counted towards the points collection.
  2. The aim is to earn more points by trying to beat your previous two high scores
  3. Stars are given for every test. The star rating on the topic home page depends on the top 2 scores in each topic.
  4. Badges are earned for performance as well as usage.
Here are a few tips to help your child succeed with Fundamentor
  1. Points are converted into fun dollars based on the plan subscribed by you
  2. Items are available for redemption for fun dollars